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Live-in care and Covid-19

Coronavirus (Covid-19): Keeping you safe and well

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has been an anxious time for everyone, and you may be especially worried if you, or someone you love, is at particular risk because of older age or a medical condition.

Sadly, coronavirus has already taken a terrible toll in care homes and this may be one reason you’re thinking about alternative options for care.

This is where we can help because we are already experts in caring for older people and those with disabilities or long-term conditions. And we do this where you feel safest – in your own home.

Choosing care in your home

The pandemic is highlighting how live-in care can give you extra peace of mind because it means you don’t come into contact with lots of other people who might have coronavirus. Limiting contacts is also in line with government advice on coronavirus and safe care for older people and others who are vulnerable.  

There are so many extra benefits of Vitality live-in care during the coronavirus pandemic:

We get to know you well, and our staff can recognise when you’re falling ill. They will know what to do.

Emotional and family support

We care about you as a person and really get to know you. Your Personal Assistant’s friendly companionship is an antidote against loneliness, which has been a devastating side effect of lockdown for so many people.

For people with dementia, the restrictions of lockdown and the need for PPE can be disorienting and frightening. We think one-to-one care from someone you know well can go a long way towards soothing this confusion and fear.

When you’re being cared for in your own home, support from your Personal Assistant may also make it easier to have visits from family and friends within the latest government rules.

Live-in care and Covid-19

For example, your Personal Assistant can ensure social distancing measures are followed correctly. They can even arrange for a 15-minute test on the day of the visit. This is important, because family and friends can unknowingly take the virus into your home, even if they don’t have symptoms.

Our smart technology helps you keep in touch online, too. You can log in securely, read the daily notes and even send messages. For families who want to stay involved with a loved one’s health and wellbing, but have to do it at a distance, this has proven invaluable.

Steps we take against Covid-19 coronavirus

Your safety and health – and that of our colleagues – is always our top priority. Here are just a few of the steps we’re taking to respond to the coronavirus.

The pandemic can be a difficult time for carers, too. We are always there to support our colleagues, any time of the night or day, every day of the year. We never use agency staff and all carers are employed by us, so they are part of the close-knit Vitality Home Health family.

If you would like the most current advice on the Covid-19 virus, visit the NHS website.

To find out more about staying safe with home care during the coronavirus pandemic, call our friendly team on 01732 757959.

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