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Live-in care and Huntington’s

We understand that Huntington’s disease is challenging to live with. We also know that high quality care, from people who really understand the condition and know you well, can make everyday life easier and better.

The effects of Huntington’s change over time, and so do your care needs. Whether you are planning ahead or you need immediate support, we hope you will consider Vitality live-in care.

Even when people with advanced Huntington’s need full-time nursing care, moving into a care home is not always inevitable. It’s possible that live-in care in your own home is the best choice.

Wherever you’re at, we’re by your side to support you all the way.

Vitality Live In Care - Specialised Huntington's care

If you’re part of a couple, live-in care can help you stay together in the same home

Help at home with Huntington’s

Your Vitality live-in carer (we call them Personal Assistants) is trained to a high standard. They understand the symptoms of Huntington’s disease, including the physical, emotional and cognitive (thinking) effects of this condition.

You’ll find your Personal Assistant is patient and willing to take all the time you need, especially if difficulties with communication or movement sometimes cause frustration.

A daily routine is very helpful for people with Huntington’s, and live-in care ensures consistency that aims to promote feelings of security and calm.

Your Personal Assistant can help with washing, dressing and other personal care, and with taking medications.

A nourishing diet is really important too, and your Personal Assistant can prepare healthy meals to enjoy at your own table.

Your Personal Assistant is also happy to take care of housework, shopping and laundry.

When you go out and about, your Personal Assistant is there to help. And our Vitality Assist service offers a fleet of comfortable, accessible vehicles that can handle your mobility equipment smoothly and without fuss.

Your Huntington’s care team

With Vitality live-in care, a private GP service is always included at no extra cost. When you first join, your private GP will come to see you at home. They’ll take time to listen and get to know you. They’ll make sure you have an up-to-date care plan that helps everyone on your team manage your symptoms and promote your health and wellbeing.

Your private GP is always available to help with any health concerns you may have. Your Personal Assistant can consult them regarding your care and so can your family, if you wish.

In addition, our understanding and qualified nurses can provide skilled care at home when needed.

Your Vitality live-in care team will always work with your usual doctors, nurses, therapists, dietitian and social worker. Our smart technology helps your Vitality live-in care team communicate and stay up-to-date on your needs and preferences. You can also use this system yourself and so can family members or a guardian. We can also exchange information directly with your NHS GP.

Each person with Huntington’s deserves care that is tailored to their own requirements and preferences, and that includes supporting the family. Because Huntington’s is an inherited condition, it’s especially important for loved ones to see what a difference exceptional care can make.

If you would like more information on living with Huntington’s Disease, please visit the Huntington’s Disease Association website.

We are here to support you and your family at every stage. To find out more about live-in Huntington’s care, please contact our friendly team by sending an email to or by giving us a call on 01732 757959.

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