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Live-in care and multiple sclerosis

We understand it’s not easy coming to terms with a condition like multiple sclerosis (MS), especially when it’s so unpredictable.

Over time, it can put a strain on your relationships too, whether it’s your partner, family or friends.

Live-in care in your own home, from our experienced and caring team, may be the answer to help you stay independent, enjoy your relationships and live the life you want.

Vitality Live-In Care and multiple sclerosis

Benefits of live-in care for multiple sclerosis

Your Vitality live-in carer (we call them Personal Assistants) is trained to understand the symptoms of MS and how they affect your daily life.

They’re happy to assist with personal care and with household chores like cleaning, shopping and cooking, especially on those days when you’re really tired or having a flare-up.

They can also help you get out and about, and you can call on our wheelchair accessible vehicles too, through our Vitality Assist service.

Private GP and holistic care

With Vitality live-in care, a private GP service is included at no extra cost. Your private GP will talk with you, ask about your goals and assess your care. They’ll suggest ways that we can help with symptoms, and improve your general heath and wellbeing.  You can always contact your private GP with any concerns, and so can your Personal Assistant and your family, if you wish.

In addition, our qualified nurses are on hand to help with your care when needed.

If you would like further information about living with MS, visit the MS Society website.

If you’re part of a couple, live-in care can help you stay together in the same home

Working together for you

Proactive care, from a team that knows you well, improves your quality of life. We aim to keep you out of hospital too, by preventing complications such as infections.

Your Vitality professionals will always work with your usual doctors, district nurse, therapists and social care professionals, to ensure a holistic and multi-disciplinary care plan is in place, and that it changes when you need something different.

We’ve also invested in smart technology that helps all of your team members stay up-to-date on your care, and share information. That way, everyone on the team knows about your needs and preferences. You can also log in and if you wish, so can family members or a guardian.

We are here to put you in charge: your care, your life, your way. To find out more about live-in multiple sclerosis care, please contact our friendly team please contact our friendly team by sending an email to or by giving us a call on 01732 757959.

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